Topic: CC#64 = 0 not stopping sustain pedal

I'm testing Pianoteq 5 with a midi file of a composition of mine.
I'm using Sonar Platinum as DAW.
Apparently, many CC#64 events with a value 0 are not being respected, meaning they are not stopping the sustain pedal, leaving the music all messed up.
Would anyone know what can be done?

PS: The midi file can be dowloaded at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B81wA … GlDSmE3OVk

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Re: CC#64 = 0 not stopping sustain pedal

Not happening over here in Reaper.

Hard work and guts!


Re: CC#64 = 0 not stopping sustain pedal

I loaded the midi file into Digital Performer 9.12 and played the file once each with the D4 and Grotrian piano models.   Midi controller #64 values were 127 and 0, on and off, respectively.  Pianoteq played the file without problems, as it responded to CC#64 values of 127 and 0.

If the sustain pedal works "some of the time" and fails to be released elsewhere, then you may wish to release the pedal slightly earlier in each phrase, to give time for the pedal to come up.