Topic: Changing PTQ preset in Cantabile-"Freeze parameters" not honoured?

I am using PianoTeq as a VST within Cantabile.

There is a list of presets exposed into Cantabile. If I select one of these presets from Cantabile, then even the PTQ parameters that I have "frozen" within PTQ are changed. Is this by design?

Reason for asking is that I would like to set up, for example, 2 different piano patches that I then use in a number of songs. I then want to adjust the reverb, stereo/mono setting, and EQ separately across both patches depending on my amplification and the room.

I could create 2 presets for each piano type, one stereo and one mono, but then I'd have to go into all the songs and tell it which one to use depending on where I was. I also have different velocity curves for my stage piano and home piano, which would need more presets potentially.

As a workaround, I am using a button on my piano to send a MIDI message via Bome into Cantabile which triggers the output mode change. I have to delay this message by 500ms as otherwise I can get race conditions between any patch change, and the output mode change.

Is there a better way of changing these plugin settings independently of the patch preset?


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Re: Changing PTQ preset in Cantabile-"Freeze parameters" not honoured?

Yes, that is by design - parameter freezing only works with Pianoteq's own preset browser. Not external VST presets.

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