Topic: Logic Pro X Audio Routing


I'm trying to route each microphone to a discreet channel in my DAW (Logic Pro X) and I'm finding that I'm only able to get audio out on the Inst1 and the Aux2 channels. That is 1 and 3 respectively. I have read through the manual and I haven't been able to find anywhere that indicates I can even route the microphones in a multichannel context externally to PianoTeq.

Normally with a multichannel instrument you'd simply select the multichannel option you want, and it automatically routes the audio based on the "output," you select within the instrument. In a setup like this, your additional channels are available via the mixer window, and by clicking the little plus sign in the lower right corner of the strip. Has this simply not been implemented yet? If that's the issue, will it be? Do I need to set this up in the environment window and manually configure it?

I tried the other options from the dropdown menu and found similar behavior. The only difference is that none of the other options gave me a signal on any of the instrument's additional channels.