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Is there any way to obtain the settings used for the demo music tracks on the PTQ website pages for each instrument model? Many of these are wonderful, and I would love to know how the particular PTQ instrument was adjusted.  Thanks!


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Hi Tim,

Most audio demos are using the default factory presets exactly as they are provided.

Only if the demo info displays "(customized)", then some adjustments in the current Pianoteq interface were made. It might also denote that the demo is a mix of Pianoteq and other instruments.

If there is any specific demo you have in mind and where you would like to have more info, just let me know.



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It would actually be great if it could say "additional info" on the website for such customized demos, and have a writeup there on exactly what was used and what was changed in the Pianoteq preset. Perhaps even a link to the FXP?

Hard work and guts!


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Many thanks, Niclas.

I am particularly interested in the presets or adjustments used in the demos of the Electric Piano and the Hohner packages, by Mad Hatter Studios and Piet de Ridder. Perhaps there are too many to detail, but I've been trying to match the settings for MKI-Roads Fun by Mad Hatter Studios, MKII-119 bpm by Piet and W1-W1 Demo by Piet.  Piet's demos probably have more than one setting in each, but any clues would be much appreciated....And thanks in advance!

I agree with EvilDragon that it would be useful to note which preset(s) were used on the website demo pages, even if the overall sound was modified downstream by other effects.



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Hi Tim,

It would be absolutely no problem to share all the details of those two demos, but the thing is: most of my demos are made, for the main part, to illustrate how Pianoteq can be put to use (and how it ends up sounding) in a full production. To that end, I’ll use whatever I feel is required to make such a production sound more or less acceptable. And some of what I use — various processing tools — isn’t to be found in the Pianoteq-software itself.

There are, as I’m sure you know, two types of demos: (1) the ones that present the instrument ‘as is’ and ‘out-of-the-box’ — so-called ‘naked’ demos — and (2) pieces in which these instruments are dropped into a musical context in order to show how well (or how poorly) they sit in a mix with other instruments, how well (or how poorly) they respond to the technical and musical demands of a decent-sounding mix, and also to give an idea of what some of their musical and colouring possibilities are beyond simply ‘sounding nice’ on their own in their default state.

Most of my demos definitely fall in the latter category, I’m afraid. Which makes it not all that obvious to discuss programming details, let alone share fxp’s, because a significant part of the sound you’re hearing is created during the mix rather than ‘within the preset’ itself.

I always do obey one rule though: anything to do with the actual timbre and 'identity' of the Pianoteq-instruments has to be created within Pianoteq itself. (If, for example, I decide to use, say, chorus, distortion or wah-wah, I will stick exclusively to the options that Pianoteq provides.) For anything to do with making an instrument ‘sit in the mix’ however, I’ll use whatever I think works best.
(There is of course a bit of overlap here, and it’s not always clear-cut when you’re doing one thing or the other: using an EQ to make an instrument sit well in a mix, for example, can also be considered as ‘changing the instrument’s timbre’.)

I’m a bit preoccupied with other matters at the moment, but as soon as I can, I’ll check the Logic-files of those two demos which you mentioned to see if there is anything which can be isolated and exported as share-able Pianoteq-data. (That Wurlitzer demo is pretty old though, and I’ve changed my studio set-up many times since then, and quite drastically too, so I’m not even all that sure if I can actually recall or recreate the sounds in that demo.). Anyway, the moment I find something which, hopefully, might be of use to you, I’ll post it here.

In the meantime: warm, musical, happy and love-soaked holidays!



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Many thanks, Piet! I really enjoy your demo tracks....lots of fun ideas in them.
...and yes, indeed, happy holidays to you and to all of our Pianoteq pals.