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I'd love to see Pianoteq do an extended piano technique model- so as to make possible some of the techniques often used by contemporay jazz pianists. I have in mind particularly muting the string with one hand while striking its key with the other, creating harmonics by touching overtone positions on the string with the finger of one hand and hitting the respective key with the other hand (known as flageolet), and plucking or strumming the strings directly. So, say 4 or 5 different 'extended' piano models that could be selected while playing, say by using the lowest few piano keys to switch between them (or using mod wheel for those with suitable keyboards). Would this be possible with Pianoteq? I think it would be an exciting new model.

This is something distinct from a Pianoteq prepared piano a la John Cage which I'd also love to see. I know a couple of years ago someone on this forum asked about this. Has anyone attempted it with Pianoteq pro?


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The D4 instrument has a preset called "Prepared", which may have some of what you are looking for.


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Hi dklein, thanks for your suggestion. I tried the D4 "Prepared" preset- it sounds to me a pretty standard piano sound through-out its range.

There are some (rather expensive) piano sample libraries that offer various possibilities in the areas of extended techniques and prepared piano eg UVI Ircam Prepared Piano, 8dio 1990 Prepared Piano and Sonic Couture's Xtended Piano. These look very interesting (has anybody tried them?) but as far as I know you would be loading one piano treatment at a time, more or less. You couldn't eg play a run of 'normal' piano notes, and then those notes muted or as harmonics. Large sample sets are involved that take time to load. I stand open to correction here. Whereas Pianoteq might have an advantage in changing articulations on the fly because it doesn't require loading large sample sets.


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The rapid switching to extended-technique sounds during a performance is a great idea.  Have you tried making Pianoteq presets with increased muting or changes in other other attack/decay, hammer hardness, etc., parameters? To me, it would be preferable to virtually alter the basic piano I'm playing (e.g., Model B), and to trigger a program change to an alternate sound (e.g., muted strings) on a preset using a footswitch or other controller. I don't think a completely new model is needed, just experimentation with the parameters. Another option would be to layer in another existing model like bells, harpsichord, etc.


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which version/level of pianoteq do you have?  I forgot the details, but only the full version allows the note-by-note modifications, which also means that only the full version allows presets with note-by-note modifications to be heard as they are.  By the way, that's the way to 'prepare' your virtual piano. 

I looked at the preset, and, other than the name and the description, there's not a lot done (changes to the mute, impedance, and damping at the high and low ends of the keyboard, among other thing).  But, if you want to produce your own such virtual instrument, the note editor would allow the addition of percussive tack-like sounds, damping to blanket-level, open dampers, varied tones and even note-by-note tuning, etc.  A real toolbox.


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You mean, "Pro" version. There are three different "full" versions of Pianoteq - Stage, Standard, Pro. big_smile

Hard work and guts!


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I'd love to be able to get closer to that kind of sounds with Pianoteq, in particular hand mutes and finger flageolets. Did you make any progress since the last posts?
I'm using Pianoteq Standard, and tried playing around with some parameters like mute, damper, string length and so on. Not much result so far, or at least nothing very realistic,
but I'm completely new so maybe I'm taking the problem on the wrong side?

My "model" so far is not really Cage-like prepared piano (I have several sound banks for this),
but something closer to this, around 2:55 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuG-0HfvcR4

Any idea if this is possible? Thanks in advance