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I've just released a new album, the majority of which is solo piano (using a 9 foot Knabe grand from the 1890's). It also includes a Suite for Harpsichord (a beautiful American made, French-style double manual instrument), a song, but also a three movement Suite which exclusively uses Pianoteq.

I heavily modified three Pianoteq instruments and then composed this 'Suite for Synthesizer' -- one movement for each instrument. This was my first attempt at writing solo "synthesizer" music, but it certainly won't be my last. I had wanted to get into this for many years, but hadn't found any synthesizer/software that would easily give me the natural and dynamic qualities I was looking for. Pianoteq's fantastic modeling approach and flexibility fits this almost perfectly.

See what you think:


The instrument used in 'Oblivion' is the physically modeled Italian harpsichord which has been heavily altered to give it a longer sustain, a wide dynamic range (and timbral range from dark to bright), as well as other alterations to create a uniquely smooth and otherworldly tone.

'Darkness' is an unusual dance-like piece, written for the Pianet N, again, heavily altered to produce a wide dynamic and timbral range. Also, the rattle/parchment pedal, along with other alterations lend it a bizarre electric quality.

The instrument used in 'The Return' is the Blüthner piano, again heavily altered to produce a longer sustain, an organ-like quality at softer dynamics, and other adjustments giving a round and rich tone.

If you're interested in the new album, here's the link:



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Beautiful and interesting compositions, as well as interesting alteration and customization of Pianoteq instruments. Thank you for posting, Nathan.


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My pleasure, thanks Stephen.


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Hi Nathan - I listened to your entire Synth Suite.  You have a very calculated and focused improv style.  Nice.  You should consider doing a short piece playing the Grotrian Recording 3 preset.  Your style would really show it off.



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Thanks Lanny, I just might have to take you up on that Grotrian suggestion -- fantastic new instrument.