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I recently recorded a song I composed years back. The words are by Edgar Allan Poe -- from his poem "The Lake"

Ana Carolina Scott sings here, and I am performing using Pianoteq's Model B. I warmed the piano up a little bit to taste. I also recorded this in a very non-traditional way, but think it turned out quite nicely. Here are the results of my experiment:



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Very nice Nathan -



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Thanks Lanny.

By the way, I ended up layering one of the standard Model B presets along with a darker/warmer modification. To my ears this helped the darker version sound a little less artificial, especially in the lower range and very top octave and a half or so. The standard preset generally has very good realism, but just sounds a little too hard/thin in the higher range for this particular piece (would be fine for other music).

I've finished a new CD which will be released in late October. It's primarily acoustic piano (an 1890's Knabe), but also includes this piece, a 'Suite for Harpsichord' (French double-manual), but also a 'Suite for Synthesizer' which features 3 heavily modified Pianoteq instruments: Bluethner, Harpsichord, and Pianet. I'll post the synth suite when the video's ready.


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This is really good stuff. Thanks for posting!