Topic: dklein B to F preset demo

Your preset reminds me of the big upright my mother had and played at home.  Just for fun, I am attaching a rendition of:  "River Stay Away From My Door".  My mother is the one playing.  She was 91 years old when she played this on a digital piano I had years ago (early Fatar action with double bubble key contacts).  I drag/dropped the midi file onto the PTQ GUI  with your preset.  I did take the liberty of EQing up the bass just a tad and a pinch of Legacy reverb and "narrowed" the unison width just a hair.  Those big old "tank-sized" uprights did have a little natural reverb to them.

http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/uploads.p … or%201.mp3




Re: dklein B to F preset demo

Cool!  Thanks.

How weirdly special is that?  You have a recording that your Mom made on one piano, but, with the magic of technology, you can say, "Mom, try it on this Wurlitzer..."  or "Mom, let's here you play that song on the Vibes."

Like Natalie Cole singing an album with her late father...