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Hope you like.

You will hear the real thing vs a virtual piano. We tried to be as faithful as we could, thus we used:

1-YAMAHA Grand Piano
2-VPC-1 from KWAI as Master
3-MacBook Pro 15" the latest one 16GB RAM- 500GB SSD
4-Logic Pro X
5-PianoTeq 5 with D4 and Bluethner.
6-Apogee Symphony 2x6
7-Adam Audio A7X near field
8-Neuman KH 310 mid field.
9-Canon C300 MKII with 17-120 Motorized Zoom
10- 2 Senheisser MKH 416 P48 configured in Binaural Scheme.

We invited.

1-Professional Piano Concertist
2-Professional Sound Engenier and Producer.
3-Professional TV and Film producer
4-Professional Piano Composer.
5-Film Director and Creator.

Every one said what they felt during all the trials and tests.
I believe it's going to be a high value video document.

Setup Preview. Soon you will have a teaser and the final video.

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I do like .......


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Is this the final video, or a teaser?


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That was great.

Bravo !

What about also include a test with Steinway model-B of pianoteq?

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