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Hello everyone!
I have recently bought Yamaha P-45 (GHS keyboard) and spent several hours trying to configure proper velocity curve. But I didn't manage to get nearly as good as native one.
I just tried to limit the lowest (~15) and highest (~110) volume threshold and leave the rest of the curve straight, but it still sounds not good enough.
Some advises or velocity curves are greatly appreciated!


Re: Yamaha P-45

I have the same problem with my Yamaha P35. Like Calibratedcat wrote it would be great if someone could post some hints or velocity curves for the Yamaha P35 and P45.


Re: Yamaha P-45

Unfortunately, you're out of luck.
I have a P45 myself and there is no way to play a nice dyanmic from pp to ff or let's not even talk about ppp ^^
Of course you can change the velocity curve but then it will be "loud" and "harsh" all the time!
So it's just not a very good product for midi. Also with the NI libraries the P45 works not very well. Velocities about 127 you will only get by almost breaking your keyboard (even on the softest touch curve in the P45 settings)
I spent days and hours trying to figure this out, I'm selling the P45 now and upgrading to a VPC1. I want to experience this amazing technology 100%.
Hope it helps that you know, if just won't be possible to set it up with a 85-90% authentic acoustic piano feel - unfortunately sad