Topic: Kawai ES7


While the stock oblique line currently suits my needs brilliantly, I am pestered by the possibility of an enhanced tactile-to-sound experience. Unfortunately, I am utterly incapable of tweaking anything whatsoever on anything digital or computer-like with good results, and when I use the wizard thing I am displeased with the jagged line I somehow produce (with enormous variations) each time.

I know this is a popular keyboard... has anyone had luck in developing their own velocity curve for the ES7? Any sharing would be most greatly appreciated!

Matthew in Seattle


Re: Kawai ES7

This is my preferred velocity curve for my ES7.

Velocity = [0, 5, 26, 51, 83, 112, 127; 0, 0, 32, 64, 96, 124, 127]

I generally play a tweaked version of the Bluethner and I rarely use the ES7 built-in speakers, so this curve may not suit other people.