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Contest winners

This was apparently a really hard nut to crack! After 3,074 listening sessions, only a small fraction of the listeners managed to identify most of the compositions in the medley.

The original contest thread with the rules can be read here.

The winners:
1. Adam Strzelecki, Poland (8/10)
2. Domenico Ricciardelli, Italy (7/10)
3. Hans Cornelis, Belgium (7/10)


The correct answers:
01. Tchaikovsky (Eugene Oneguine)
02. Bach (Anna Magdalena Buchlein)
03. Elgar (Enigma Variations)
04. Schubert (Deutsche Tanzen)
05. Chopin (Ballade No.1)
06. Beethoven (Landlicher Tanz)
07. Franck (Variations Symphoniques)
08. Ravel (Sonata)
09. Schumann (Sonata Op.22)
10. Händel (Suite No.5)

Special acknowledgements to Mischa Levitski, Arthur Loesser, Katsuhiro Oguri, Juan Reyes, Terry Smythe, Hugh Sung.

Thank you to all who participated.

// The MODARTT team


Re: Contest winners

Yeah! Thanks for great contest and the license.

It was tough, but good. Those were great 3 weeks, I don't remember me listening so much classical music for long long time.


Woohoo, I won Pianoteq license!


Re: Contest winners


Thanks for the license of this nice piece of software!!
It was a very challenging contest, I liked it very much!
A very original idea to create such a contest.

Thanks again!
Best regards



Re: Contest winners

I gave it a try, but after being sure of 3 of the composers, I decided against throwing random names and using musicological knowledge to "crack" the secret of the other 7 (with no success...) big_smile

Thing is that, there was no way to "work" on the competition, at least for me. All you could do is stick on youtube, or your CD collection and keep listening music, until by random you hit the right track. Or at least try to restrain it to a certain period or style, which would be easier to work out.

Congratulations to the people who won! May they enjoy their new licenses of the lovely pianoteq!