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The Ambience Reverb (mentioned in the thread about the Garritan piano) has two piano reverb presets that sound good with PianoTeq: The Piano Body preset and the Piano Bright preset. The defualt settings may be a little too rich--you may want to bring down the Wet a little and raise the Dry. (For some reason, all of the presets have this problem of being too wet by default.

Notice that clicking on Variation at the bottom of the interface will give you slight variations on these presets. If you find one that sounds particularly good, you can then save it as fxp for future loading.


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Thank you very much for the tips , I use apple Logic 8, but I don't know if the provided reverbs are actually better, maybe they are but the problem is that I would have to configure them as no piano presets are provided.

Thanks again!


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I don't understand. There are presets for piano in the Ambiance Reverb. (But you may want to edit both the presets in this reverb vst and the settings in PianoTeq to get the sound that you want.)

The Ambiance Reverb may not create a better sound. But it does create a different sound.


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Hi, I think ambience really gives PianoTeq some space smile, and that is indeed quite nice at least for my practicing .


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Just realized that there's a third piano preset in the Ambiance reverb--the Ring Piano, I think it's called. Also too wet, backing off the sound, by default.

I'm getting good results by, among other things, reducing the size of the hall and the delay to very small numbers.

I have to say that the more I use this reverb, the more I like its sound and its many controls. Which means that once again I'm finding myself having too much fun toying with parameter settings instead of playing...