Topic: Difference in quality between Stand Alone and VST Host

I know Philippe and Niclas heard it from me several times, but I would like to ask everyone here.

     Had you noticed different sound quality from the stand alone version of Pianoteq cpompared to play it in a VSt Host like Cubase-SX?

     My Pianoteq in stand alone get not a fine sound as plugin on Cubase SX.  The sound in stand alone seens weaker, and with poor dynamics from MF to FFF.  In Cubase this get bether, the sound is deeper, a bit warmer and the dynamics also get bether. 

    I need to adjust velocity curves to get bether dynamics from MF to FFF, but the corrective adjust seens to work bether while using Pianoteq with Cubase, instead of in Stand ALone.


Re: Difference in quality between Stand Alone and VST Host

Yes there is a slight difference with me I use Cubase 4, I find it a little brighter also, I would call the sound bouncy hard to explain that one


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Hi Beto-Music

I am sure you have checked already, but do you have the right Soundcard/Asio device selected in Preferences in Standalone, as the one you use in Cubase?

Although I remember setting my Standalone version correctly, every now and again it changes for no reason, and I have to change it back to the correct one.

Just a thought



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Hi studio64

Yes, it's the same soundcard.

Not just the sound it's warmer and dynamic in Cubase Sx, but the high sounds in combination of chords in FFF get no distortion like in the Stand Alone.

   From my perspective the Stand Alone Pianoteq have a quite inferior sound compared to Pianoteq VST plugin on Cubase SX.

   I would like to post a FXP I did to get bether loud FFF in Cubase SX.  I would like to ask the members here to try this FXP in Stand Alone and on Cubase. 

Dynamic thunder S. Erard.fxp          http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/uploads.p … 0Erard.fxp

   On Cubase I set the sound to maximun volume and let Pianoteg plugin volume as reset. The velocity curves adjusted this way, for me, turn Pianoteq dynamic bether to get really powerfull FFF strikes.
   On Stand alone and without this velocity adjust, honestly speaking, there was almost no difference from MF or F to FFF, for single keys strikes.

   I checked my controller, Roland digital piano, and keys sensibility was ajusted to heavy, and the velocity was ok on the velocity graphic, getting all the graphic range, with only really hard strikes getting FFF.  So wasn't any problem from the controller.

   I don't know if the velocity graphic adjust FXP it's just correcting the difference from my controller velocity natural curve to Pianoteq natural curves, or if Pianoteq really have weak  F to FFF strikes for single keys, and the velocity curve adjustment it's only making the lower velocities less louder to get the feeling that F to FF is geting loud.

    Impostrant: Remamber to test, the dynamic I refer abou,t also for single key strikes. For chord strikes or other multiple keys strikes, the dynamic wasn't that bad without velocity curves special adjust.  Strange thing...

     Waiting your, forum members, kind feedback  ;-)


Re: Difference in quality between Stand Alone and VST Host

Hi Alberto,

As you already have contact with the support team regarding this issue, let us solve it there. There is likely a configuration issue on your side so let us try to figure it out together through the regular support channel. Thanks.

If anyone else has a similar issue, of course you are welcome to contact us through the support form.