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is this a good cause?


any other idear??

br MIDIcus


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Hoi MIDIcus,

The doepfer solution is midi-only and you need an external power supply. Doepfer also has got some USB enabled devices (also capable of handling pot-meters e.g. USB64) which are powered by....USB. Also have a look at Phidgets. These are very nice USB controllers, built very solid. But....they need some additional programming (Java, C). The Doepfer USB is recognized as USB-Midi in Windows so no additional driver and/or programming is needed.


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Re: 3 pedals full-featured

Hi Herman,
MIDI-only is ok so far,
any other unit cost to much.

solutions like FATAR VFP-3-10 don`t support 0-127 Velocity data because these are 3 callipers.
My solution got 3 potentiometer interpreted by the Doepfer-Wheel-Electronic to 3 times 0-127 velocity MIDI data on controler #:
SUST Sustain 64
SOST Sostenuto 66
SOFT Soft pedal 67

I ordered this combination for 149.-€
I just give it a try and if not useful I return it smile

the question is more if it is really helpful to have a solution of 3 continues pedals.

1. Sustain > 0-127 is supported > fore sure a switch is not enough
2. Sostenuto > no idea if supported or helpful
3. Harmonic > no idea if supported or helpful
4. Soft > no idea if supported or helpful

this solution provides 3 pedals. I would drop the Harmonic Pedal.
All pedals have an output of 0-127 velocity MIDI data.
is this useful? is this supported?

do you have any experience with food pedals?

I looking for a 2 better 3 pedal solution for pianoteq full-featured.


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