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Good to see that you're back, Alfredo, and to learn that your parents are doing well.

Will you be retuning the current preset by hand\ear in the Detune pane? We seem to have reached the point at which only you or Kamin can step in to set the unisons to 0 and complete your pretuning.

Now, we're left with "almost CHas." It's like bringing children to an ice-cream parlor and having them stand outside, peering through the window.


Re: A new Italian temperament: CHas


I'm finally on holyday and I'm glad to be able to great Jake, Chris, Gilles and all PIANOTEQ friends.

Only two events of some relevance (concerning Chas) have taken place since my last posting: a conference in Messina,

http://www.informasicilia.it/2010/04/19 … a-cultura/

and an article by the MATEpristem group (Prof. Chiriano - Bocconi University - Milan)

http://matematica.unibocconi.it/articol … pianoforte

More recently I've made available two recordings; one made by a tech, using a single mic and a pc,

CHAS Tuning mp3 - 2011 - Live recording on Fazioli 278

the second one, I recorded it with my pocket camera,

CHAS TEMPERAMENT - 2010 - "Rina Sala Gallo" Piano International Competiton

I hope you like them.

Best wishes,


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Re: A new Italian temperament: CHas

alfredo capurso wrote:

Hello...I've made available two recordings; one made by a tech, using a single mic and a pc,

CHAS Tuning mp3 - 2011 - Live recording on Fazioli 278

Best wishes,


Alfredo! Always good to hear from you. I had almost given up on hearing from you again.

That first recording is gorgeous, particularly in the slow last 30 seconds or so. Do you know the details of the recording? The type of mic, for example, and where it was positioned?

It is good to hear that CHas is getting the attention that it deserves. I hope you will post more recordings. I never tire of them.


Re: A new Italian temperament: CHas

Hi Alfredo, welcome back.

Just like Jake, I also like the first recording very much. It is so very different to equal temperament. It has a classic, romantic, old recording type sound to it, but not without the strong hint of modernity inherant in the tuning.


Warm regards,


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Re: A new Italian temperament: CHas


Thank you very much for your words and comments.

Jake, I'm sorry, I do not know what type of mic was used; it was small and it was positioned half way the lengh of the piano, 30 cm. away and about 40 cm. high above the soundboard. I shall try to find out more.

I know which 30 seconds you are referring to...it's 60 seconds at the end, for me too that's beautiful (thanks the pianist); sounds seem to generate and re-generate and happily melt one into the other, yet they enter myself and leave a deep trace, long like the tail of a comet.

I do have more "romantic" recordings and I'll be happy to share them. Only, I need to do some editing (with a friend of mine) because they are too long.

Please...never give up ;-) chas@chas.it

Best wishes,



Re: A new Italian temperament: CHas


It was a real pleasure for me today coming back to this thread.

I have some good news about Chas and I would like to share them with you and... not only that.

Since 2011, I could do three biennial seminars at the ITEMM (Le Mans - France), for beginners, advanced students and for professionals. Likely the feedback I got were very encouraging.

In 2012 I could post a recording, piano and orchestra (Rachmaninoff - Concerto n. 3 - second half), for people who believe that an orchestra goes with a different tuning. I dedicate this posting to Sigasa, as he recorded an excerpt, after having fixed a new tuning settings on his keyboard.


In August 2015, Haye Hinrichsen, a physics Professor from the University of Würzburg, published a paper where he compares the 12th-root-of-two ET with modern ET's, pure fifths, pure 12ths and Chas, basing on entropy. His work seems to confirm the value of "stretched octaves" also for "harmonic" tones, meaning with no-iH tones. Here is the link:

http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script= … 6000100410

Last June I was enabled to do a seminar in Toronto, invited by the Piano Tuners Canadian Association (CAPT) at their annual convention. It went well, the colleagues' comments have reinforced my determination towards more sharing.

Today I came back here, as the Canadian colleague and friend Ernest Unrau was asking me a question about PianoTeq users. I re-read our posts and was touched again by your openness, your understanding, by your words about my family and all the efforts you made to overcome any language barrier and some technicalities.

I want to say thank you, again, for all that and for trusting my words. Hope you are still enjoying tuning, hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,


Edit: I have noticed that the link (above this post) to the "CHAS Tuning mp3 - 2011 - Live recording on Fazioli 278" is not working on my laptop, the following works:


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