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Pianoteq forum

Pianoteq forum

FXP Corner - Instrument presets created by Pianoteq users

FXP Corner

Welcome to the FXP Corner. Here is a selection of customized presets for Pianoteq, created and uploaded by Pianoteq users.

Feel free to contribute yourself by uploading your own customized preset. Login or register to the user forum first.
In order to add your creation to the list, click on "Upload an FXP", upload and associate them with an audio demo (MP3) recorded with the FXP in Pianoteq.

In Pianoteq, a preset is understood as a variation of a given instrument. Such a variation is obtained by modifying the parameters in the interface and is saved as an FXP file. You can easily load these files from the options menu in Pianoteq, or simply drop an FXP file onto the interface. In Pianoteq STAGE, preset loading is limited to parameters that are present in the interface. Presets built with Pianoteq PRO can be loaded in Pianoteq Standard without limitation.

Pianoteq 6 FXP | Pianoteq 5 FXP | Pianoteq 4 FXP | Pianoteq 3 FXP | Pianoteq 2 and older FXP

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